Kerry (silverfish) wrote,

What needs to happen is:

- I need to find a good present for Kirsten. She's not easy to please, but she's been one of the best friends to me over the past 8-9 months or so. And I'd be a jerk to not do anything about her birthday. But how do you shop for a shopaholic?

- The thing known as "resnet" needs to get its ass together and start working. That is for Erin's sake, not just selfish reasons.

- The 15th of this month needs to hurry up and arrive. I have something like $50 to last me until then. That's not really enough. Nuts to The Agency (for docking my check), Tri-Met (for increasing fares) and jerks, everywhere. Yes, you, you stupid jerks.

(mental note: I owe Chinto's Burritos two dollars and fifty cents. Oops.)
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