Kerry (silverfish) wrote,

A New Kind of Vagrant

It goes without saying that working in downtown Portland will lead one to daily conversations with "those less fortunate" asking for monetary assistance. My answers are nearly always honest, since I do rarely ever keep cash on me. I suppose we can wait on the era where spare change beggars accept Visa and Mastercard. The curveball seems to get thrown every so often, like our good friend "I won't hurt you or anything". This gentleman assures you that he is not like "the others" and on any given night will ramble off a list of clubs in close proximity and what they tend to offer. It always seems to be his birthday, which leads to suggestion that one should buy him a drink or several in celebration, and in return he will, well, tell you how to get there?

I don't mean to make light of those who are needy, but I absolutely hate looking anyone in the eye and knowing that they are blatantly dishonest. It's just disturbing.
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